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The Nature of Angels, Our Heavenly Friends
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    The Nature of Angels, Our Heavenly Friends

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    Author: Mihalik, Paul

    Order Number: 3693

    ISBN: 1579181430

    Number of Pages: 58

    Product Description

    The nature of Angels, Our Heavenly Friends will lead you into a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with the angels. God the Father has placed the angels in our lives to be our special and powerful friends.

    Paul Mihalik shares with us the position of the Catholic Church on angles. He has included in this book insights from St. Thomas Aquinas and also words from Pope John Paul II. Mr. Mihalik reveals to us how the angels possess, through God, superior intellect and power and that they have a great respect for the dignity of man whom they are charged with serving on this earth. Paul also explains the fallen angels’ great hatred of man.

    This 58 page book contains 10 chapters :
    -The Holy Bible
    -The Magisterium
    -Angels Associated with Church Approved Apparitions
    -The Nature of Angels
    -Consecration (Dedication) to the Guardian Angels
    -More from Patricia Devlin and Her Angels
    - St. Gemma Galgani and Her Angels
    -Blessed Padre Pio and His Angels
    -Prayers and Devotions