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Remaining Steadfast
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    Remaining Steadfast

    A Call to Stand for Christ & His Church

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    Author: Mihalik, Paul

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    ISBN: 1579183549

    Product Description

    There has never been a more critical time for Catholics to rise up and put on the armor of Christ, and prove their love for Jesus and His Church. We can be real heroes for Christ and as such, we will be saints in the making.
    We Catholics who desire to be faithful to the Church and loyal to Jesus are under severe temptation to let our faith slip through our fingers. One can see that a renewed resistance calling for real sacrifice and prayer is required from every follower of Christ's teachings. The prayers and sacrifices offered by the millions of believing Catholics can provide a great defense against the evil influences of those who no longer believe.
    "Remaining Steadfast, A call to stand for Christ and His Church," provides an excellent background of the current crisis in the Church and also focuses on the responsibility of each Catholic to steel himself against the evil that is attacking the Faith from without and within. Suggestions are made that will help the Catholic live the Faith more fervently and, by powerful example, encourage others to remain steadfast to this God-giving faith and our Lord Jesus Christ.