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Deacon Dr. Bob McDonald is a Medical doctor engaged in the practice of Psychotherapy in Barry's Bay, Ontario, Canada. He graduated from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland in 1963. In 1974 he received his Certificate from the College of Family physicians of Canada. In 1975, he was appointed Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario. In 1984 he was awarded a Fellowship from the College of Family Physicians of Canada, and in the same year he was recognized as a Fellow of the American Geriatrics Society. In 1987 he was honored as Canadian Family Physician of the Year for his leadership in training doctors and nurses for the medical relief effort during the great famine in Ethiopia of 1985. he led the first of theses teams into the famine-stricken country. In 1992 he was ordained a Permanent Deacon for the Diocese of Pembroke, Ontario. Deacon bob is a regular guest on the television program "Food for Life." He travels widely giving talks, retreats and preaching Parish Missions.

McDonald, Dr. Bob