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Walking in Their Footsteps
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    Walking in Their Footsteps

    Meditations from the New Testament

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    Author: Taillez, Daniel

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    ISBN: 1579180698

    Number of Pages: 250

    Product Description

    Walking in Their Footsteps is a series of imaginary conversations among people we have met in the New Testament and between them and others created entirely by Father Daniel Taillez, OMI. The author is a missionary who has served the Church in his native France, in Laos, in Haiti and in the Untied States; He has walked in many places, always in the footsteps of the apostles. Everywhere he has walked he has also talked of the Lord the apostles knew and loved.
    The conversations set out in this book aim to engage the reader personally. They are designed to bring the reader into a sacred conversation. Father Taillez's original and personal insights into the gospel can jog his readers along their own paths into a Kingdom which is always both a gift enjoyed now and a gift still to be proclaimed.