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The Seven Sorrows of China
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    The Seven Sorrows of China

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    Author: Miravalle, Mark

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    ISBN: 1579183492

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    "In the most difficult periods of the recent history of the Catholic Church in China, the lay faithful, both as individuals and families and as members of spiritual and apostolic movements, have shown total fidelity to the Gospel, even paying a personal price for their faithfulness to Christ" - Pope Benedict XVI
    Mark Miravalle's intense experiences as he travels through modern China provide a realistic picture of life outside of Beijing. He vividly recalls his recent trip traveling through China detailing the daily struggles of the Catholic faithful. Dr. Miravalle's concise elegant writing style delivers a seven-image portrait of today's China. A portrait that conflicts with the commercialized images of a recently liberated country, but a portrait that remains hopeful anyway.