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The Rosary is the Answer
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    The Rosary is the Answer

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    Author: Burke, Herbert

    Order Number: 3179

    ISBN: 1579183093

    Product Description

    Why is the Rosary the Answer?

    This book explains why the Rosary is the answer to our spiritual, emotional, and physical problems based on:

    * Insights from saints and scriptures on deovtion to Mary and prayer in general.

    * Select excerpts from Pope John Paul II's Letter on the Rosary

    * Approved apparitions

    * Stories of average people helped by the Rosary (Including the author)


    * It gives easy steps to meditate on the mysteries.

    * It explains why repetition is not a weakness of the Rosary, but its strength.

    * It contains a commentary on the 15 Promises of Mary to Christians who pray the Rosary.
    < BR> * It has a commentary on the Our Father and the Hail Mary.

    * It includes unique poems on the Rosary.

    If you want to know why you should pray the Rosary and how to properly pray the Rosary, then this book is what you have been searching for.