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The Eucharist
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    The Eucharist

    at the Center of Pope John Paul II's Pastoral Plan for the New Millennium

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    Author: McCarthy, Bill

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    ISBN: 1579182399

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    "The Holy Eucharist contains the Church's entire spiritual wealth. It is the summit of Catholic devotion."
    ---Pope John Paul II

    Something extraordinary happened on January 16, 2001. For the first time in the recorded history of the Catholic Church, Pope John Paul II issued an unprecedented document called "As We Enter the Third Millenium." In this magnificent letter, the Holy Father gives us his pastoral plan for the whole church in the new millenium and outlines eight priorities for each and every Catholic around the world:

    1. Sincerely striving to be more holy
    2. To engage in a more prayerful conversation with God
    3. Centering our lives upon the Eucharist
    4. Participating in frequent confession
    5. To live by grace and listen to the inspirations of the Spirit
    6. Meditating on the Scriptures and the new Catechism
    7. To bring the Gospel of truth and life to a dark and broken world
    8. Frequent recitation of the Holy Rosary

    Fr. Bill McCarthy explores each of the cardinal principles through the Holy Father's encyclicals, apostolic letters, and his other writings on the Eucharist. Written with clarity and candor, "The Eucharist" by Fr. Bill McCarthy brings us an easy-to-use guide that helps every Catholic follow the Holy Father's call to a deeper and more profound devotion to the cornerstone of our Church, the Holy Eucharist.