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Sister Mary Mediatrix A Mystic In America
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    Sister Mary Mediatrix A Mystic In America

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    Author: Moynihan, Jeffrey

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    ISBN: 1579184219

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    Few people know of the apparitions of Jesus Christ that took place right here in the United States. The privileged soul who was blessed with these apparitions of Christ is virtually unknown, yet she deserves our attention. Her name at birth was Frances Hennessey. Her name at death was Sister Mary Mediatrix, S.S.C.M

    This is the story of the events of her blessed life and how it was interwoven with that of the healer, Father Aloysius Ellacuria, C.M.F, who had the gift of reading souls. She foretold of his gifts and more that came to pass during her life and afterwards. Sister Mary Mediatrix: A Mystic in America reveals her struggles in life and her mystical union with Christ through the lens of her written correspondence with Fr. Aloysius and others.

    "Sister Mary Mediatrix was such a gift of God. Her influence changed my life completely."
    -Father Aloysius Ellacuria, C.M.F

    "We regarded her as saintly, close to God. She constantly radiated Christ. I felt it a great grace God gave me in knowing these two saintly souls, Sister Mary Mediatrix & Father Aloysius."
    -Sister Gertrude Marie Kare, S.S.C.M