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Your Soul in the Balance NEW!
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    Your Soul in the Balance NEW!

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       The Church traditionally refers to the Four Last Things as death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell. All of us will experience three of them. Your Soul in the Balance, Spiritual Warfare, Purgatory and the Four Last Things, by Father Joseph Esper is an eye-opening look into our lifes on earth and beyond. You will discover amazing truths through Holy Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, wisdom of the saints as well as many near-death experiences awakening us to the consequences of the choices we make every day. Father takes us on a soul-searching journey to Heaven, Hell and Purgatory.

       Life on earth is a temporary time of testing or preparation for eternity. Recognizing that we are in a battle for our very souls is not only essential for achieving eternal happiness; it gives a greater sence of purpose to our earthly lives.

       Spiritual warfare is a part of this life and we need to identify the enemy at work. If Jesus was tempted by the devil, we will surely not be exempt.

       We should be preparing for our final day on earth throughout out entire lifes, and there are great spiritual benefits in doing so, simply by fulfilling our religious duties. St. Mechtilde was promised by Our Lord, "that He would comfort and console all those who were persevering in hearing Mass, and that He would send as many of His great saints to assist them when dying as the number of Masses they had assisted in durning their lifetime."

      We are choosing, and helping others choose, a final destiny in which we will either rejoice as we "shine brightly like the splendor of the firmament," or exist in misery as "an everlasting horror and disgrace" (Dn.12:2-3). The choice is ours to make!