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An Hour with Jesus Vol. II
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    An Hour with Jesus Vol. II

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    Author: Queenship,

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    ISBN: 1579181406

    Number of Pages: 56

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    Spiral Bound

    Product Description

         Prayer is a dialogue with God. Ideally, it is a communication from the heart, not just from the lips. At times, both seem to fail is. In the Spring of 1994, we produced a small book titled "An Hour with Jesus." It was designed as a meditative aid for those who spend time before the Blessed Sacrament, those involved in Perpetual Adoration, and those who just spend a little time with the Lord through a visit to Church.
         The demand for the book became overwhelming, so much so, that we decided to produce a second edition. This book, "An Hour with Jesus-Volume II," is once again a book of meditations. There are no formal prayers, chaplets, or litanies included. It is presented as an aid for dialogue with God from our hearts
         The phenomenal success of the first volume of prayers to be used in Eucharistic Adoration and Holy Hours led to the completion of a second book. It contains additional meditations for prayer time but no traditional prayers.
         Thirty meditations are provided. They cover everyday situations and faith concerns. Many questions are included to provoke thought and further meditation on the part of the reader.
         Some of the topics include a prayer response to the meditation some request your input and reflection, and some provide a suggested response from the Lord. All are offered in the heartfelt hope that a closer dialogue will result between the reader, and He who created us.

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