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Trials that Test Your Trust in God
    Close Trials that Test Your Trust in God

    Trials that Test Your Trust in God

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    Author: Hampsch, John

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    ISBN: 1579182798

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    "Holding on to your trust and confidence in the Lord's providence in (trying) situations ...is akin to trying to hold on to a squirming greased pig." Fr. Hampsch addresses how we can prevent the slippage of trust in God, especially in the midst of trials and tribulations of life.

    Father Hampsch's Booklet Series
    Written by noted author and preacher Rev. John Hampsch, this series presents some of the most important and popular topics in Catholic life. All of Father Hampsch's booklets are Scripture-based answers to frequently asked questions about living the Catholic Faith. These 3 3/4" x 6" booklets are perfect when you need to hear the word of God in your busy schedule. From 8 to 24 pages.