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The Virgin Mary, Fr. Gobbi & Year 2000
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    The Virgin Mary, Fr. Gobbi & Year 2000

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    Author: Mihalik, Paul

    Order Number: 3692

    ISBN: 1579181066

    Number of Pages: 56

    Product Description

    This book digests and summarizes 1,034 pages of locutions received by Fr. Gobbi from the Blessed Mother in which She details the serious problems in the Church with the laity, the priesthood, and the hierarchy. Mr. Mihalik clearly explains the meaning of these messages including the Second Advent, the Second Coming, the Second Pentecost, the End Times, and the Final Coming. He expresses the sense of urgency in Our Lady's messages from other visionaries. Mr Mihalik's interpretations of possible coming events are based on Mary's own words to Fr. Gobbi. He has provided a very convenient guide to understanding the tribulation, warning, chastisement, and the glorious renewal of the Catholic Faith. His perceptions result in special insights which seem to have eluded many who are familiar with Fr. Gobbi's voluminous messages. He has created a very helpful, informative, and spiritually enlightening book. Fr. Gobbi's book has received the Imprimatur of the Church.
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