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Understanding the Mystery of the Mass
    Close Understanding the Mystery of the Mass

    Understanding the Mystery of the Mass

    Revised Edition

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    Author: Buettner, Matthew

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    ISBN: 1579182976


    Product Description

    "Father Buettner's new edition of the Understanding the Mystery of the Mass Revisited is to be warmly welcomed. This book is clearly the fruit of prayer and meditation. From the first page, Father Buettner succeeds in making his reader aware of the sacredness of what will take place during Mass. One fears at times that those attending Mass see it as a social gathering, a duty imposed upon them, a chore, a pure act of obedience to Church authorities, totally failing to realize that it is the greatest gift that a loving God could possibly grant to His sinful creatures. Si scires donum Dei!!! The First task facing the author is therefore, to create the "frame work" of sacredness, which his topic calls for. From the very first lines of the book, he succeeds in achieving this."
    -Dr. Alice von Hildebrand

    "The world and words of Christ passed down in Sacred Scripture are never more alive than when prayed and proclaimed in the mystery of the Mass. It is here Fr. Buettner guides one from the pew to the threshold in order to pierce the sacred veil."
    -Fr. Patrick J Winslow
    Lecturer Catholic Scripture Study International