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Rooted in Jesus
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    Rooted in Jesus

    Healing Generational Defects

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    Author: McLaughlin, Patricia

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    ISBN: 1579181902

    Product Description

    Rooted in Jesus describes a comprehensive Christ-centered solution for insoluble family problems. Generational healing relies upon the Father's love and compassion, and the power of our Savior Jesus Christ to heal across generations. This book explains the Scriptural basis for ancestral healing and guides the reader through a prayerful process of family history research. Then, with inspiration from the Holy Spirit, the effects of ancestral sin and weakness, as well as inherited blessings, are identified, charted, and analyzed. As the family story comes alive, strong ancestors are celebrated for their gifts and troubled ancestors are valued as real people, whose problems inhibited their ability to rise above their weaknesses and to love more fully.