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In the School of Love
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    In the School of Love

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    Author: Barbaric, Slavko

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    ISBN: 1880033186

    Number of Pages: 120

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    Christ's new commandment to us was, "Love One Another."
    He repeatedly admonished all who came to listen to His words to "love" as the basis for their earthy existence. He still pleads to His people today for that same special commitment.
    Unfortunately, we seem no closer to understanding this new commandment today, then were the people of Jesus' time. The world, devastated by violence, greed, hatred and pride, is still searching for peace and love.
    Medjugorje, in the former country of Yugoslavia, seemed to become an oasis of peace in the early 1980's with the reported apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It also became known as her "School of Love." The messages, and the interpretations and meditations that resulted, often cam from Fr. Slavko Barbaric, associated with the Medjugorje parish of St. James over the past ten years.
    In this book, "In the School of Love," Fr. Barbaric has assembled many of these messages and accompanying meditations into a blueprint for this struggling world and its need to find peace and love.
    Incredibly, these pleas for peace and love from the Mother of our Redeemer provided special local meaning to that region of the world where the outbreak of a terrible war eliminated the country of Yugoslavia and hundreds of thousand of its inhabitants. The true need for love was never more evident. The author masterfully spells it our in the pages of this book