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    Before Our Eyes

    The Virgin Mary Zeitun Egypt

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    Author: Zaki, Pearl

    Order Number: 3026

    ISBN: 1579181775

    Number of Pages: 224

    Product Description

    For approximately two years following the first visit of the Virgin Mary to Zeitun on April 2, 1968, the Virgin Mother Mary, the MOTHER OF GOD, appeared to thousands of the faithful and others. She would visit at Zeitun Church two or three times per week and would stay from a few moments on some evenings to eight hours on other evenings.This book is a labor of love, containing some 30 years worth of collected information. With over 114 historcal photographs, newpapers, letters and drawings, it richly details the apparitions from someone who was there.

    This book is an important enlightenment for the need of unity of all peoples regardless of faith.

    "At Zeitun it was as if at that moment God said 'SEE MY MOTHER.' And we did. She, in her awesome beauty is the silent Mother. She spoke to no one so she could speak to everyone." Pearl Zaki.