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Witness, Autobiography of Josyp Terelya
    Close Witness, Autobiography of Josyp Terelya

    Witness, Autobiography of Josyp Terelya

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    Author: Brown, Michael

    Order Number: 7715

    ISBN: 1579181546

    Number of Pages: 344

    Product Description

    The dynamic autobiography of a contemporary mystic, suffering servant, and victim of Communism. Published before dramatic changes in Europe and the Soviet Union, it is a story of supernatural events and accurate predictions.

    "Josyp Terelya is the stuff of Hollywood epics. Terelya's is an adventure story of classic proportions."
    -Patrick Brennan, Sr In Mission of the Immaculate

    "Josyp Terelya spent 20 long years in the Soviet prisons, labor camps, and psychiatric hospitals because he fought for the right of all Ukrainian Catholics to practice their religious beliefs."
    -U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg

    "Another Alexander Solzhenitsyn is crying out to us from deep within the Soviet prison system."
    -Jack Anderson Columnist

    "Reads like a chilling resume of one whose career has been based on how to survive in the Soviet gulag. His 'crimes' center around his leadership in the Ukrainian Catholic Church."
    -Senator Dennis DeConcini Commission on Security in Europe