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Love Letters from Gethsemane
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    Love Letters from Gethsemane

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    Author: Marie, Denise

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    ISBN: 615202985

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    "Many voices are being presented to the faithful about the times and the future in front of us all. The spiritual locutions bring the Mosaic Covenant, the coming of The Messiah in Jesus and His Second Coming into dramatic focus. The events of the day in the Middle East and the world are seen as dramatic precursors of a climatic encounter of Jesus' presence to His people and the world. It will be a presence of judgment, love and mercy. History has meaning. Our messenger reveals the meaning given to her by Our Lord Himself in her role as the Spirit of Moses. As John the Baptist came in the "Spirit of Elijah, so our author comes in Christ as the Spirit of Moses to awaken God's people to the coming of the Bridegroom."

    Fr. Raymond Skonezny, STL SSL
    Orange, California