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Love Letters From Gethsemane Vol. II
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    Love Letters From Gethsemane Vol. II

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    Author: Marie, Denise

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    ISBN: 1607433036

    Product Description

    In this second volume of "Love Letters from Gethsemane," a chosen soul receives divine locutions, which make the reader deeply aware of the tender intimacy of God with us, His believing children. The Three Divine Persons of the Holy God communicate urgent concerns for the conversion of the Chosen People of Israel to accept today's signs of the nearness of the Second Coming of their Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, the King of Lord of Heaven and earth.
    For this Christian believer, it is spiritually exciting to hear our loving God urge us to intercede, by prayer and penance, with the "saints" of the Old Testament, the Patriarchs and the Prophets, for the acceptance of the Messiah of the New Testament, whom they worship and adore in the Kingdom of Heaven with all the saints.
    Reading the "Love Letters from Gethsemane" humbles the believer with keen awareness of God's plan and God's timetable of events calling for our obedience and acceptance of His mysterious Providence in this chaotic world of spiritual warfare for souls. The "Love Letters" remind us to be faithful to our Glorious Savior who is coming, "soon, soon, soon!"

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