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Living In The Divine Will
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    Living In The Divine Will

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    Living In The Divine Will: The Grace of Luisa Piccarreta will provide readers with a sketch of her incredible life, from her humble beginnings to her extraordinary experiences with Jesus.  Although not yet a saint by the Church, her cause is at the Holy See.  Father Edward O'Connor invites us into this mystical union between Jesus and Luisa Piccarreta.

    "Oh, how I wish that all would understand what it means to live in the Divine Will!  It is the greatest miracle that Jesus can do for the creatures; it is the greatest glory He can receive... If all would understand this, to live in It would become our predominant passion and all evils would flee from us!"
    -Luisa Piccarreta to Frederico Abresch (Letter 113, July 1942)

    The greatest of all graces received by Luisa Piccarreta was that of living "in the Divine Will."  Her principle mission in life was to make this grace known to others.

    Jesus said to her:
    "Your mission is great, because it is not only about personal Sanctity, but it is about embracing everything and everyoine, and preparing the Kingdom of My Will for the human generations"

    Jesus promised:

     " the great Event is coming- the New era in which the Will of God be done on Earth as it is in Heaven - everyone is waiting for this New Era."
    Book of Heaven, Vol. XV, July 24, 1923