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God's Word to His People Today
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    God's Word to His People Today

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    Author: O'Connor, Edward

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    ISBN: 1579184286

    Number of Pages: 112

    Product Description

    All over the world, in the days in which we are living, there are apparitions occurring of Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother. Unfortunately, these apparitions are often only associated with the warnings they provide about the evil state of mankind and the consequential punishments that lie ahead. However, this negative viewpoint neglects the beautiful messages of hope that our loving God gives us, along with fresh devotions that are meant to enrich our spiritual lives. Common among these heavenly revelations is the fact that God is deeply offended by our sins and earnestly desires our repentance and conversion. In God's Word to His People Today, Fr. Edward O'Connor emphasizes that the messages are mostly reminders to live the life to which Jesus called us long ago, something mankind seems to have forgotten. Likewise, they provide concrete details to enliven our appreciation of the doctrines we already hold. Fr. O'Connor also reminds us that to reject a genuine apparition can be to reject grace and distance oneself in some measure from God-a measure that depends on the role God meant for them to play in our life.

    God's Word to His People Today is beautiful complement to Father's earlier book, Listen to My Prophets. In it he continues to help us understand the rich mysteries and unique blessings coming to us through today's prophetic voices.