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Being Born into Eternal Life
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    Being Born into Eternal Life

    Prayer for the Dying

    Price: $3.95

    Author: Meaney, Anne Sophie

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    ISBN: 1-57918-198-8


    Product Description

    Sr. Anne Sophie Meaney, author of On the Front Lines, has the unique privilege of praying at the bedside of the dying. Through her beautiful and prayerful ministry, many have had the benefit of her loving prayers as they are Being Born into Eternal Life. Sr. Anne Sophie has compiled a collection of the most imporant prayers to be recited prayerfully at the critical time of one's passing from this life to Eternal Life. This prayer book enables you to prayerfully bring peace and comfort to your loved ones as they journey from your arms to His.

    Available in English for $3.95 & Spanish for $6.95