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The Last Secret
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    The Last Secret

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    Author: Brown, Michael

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    ISBN: 1-57918-339-5

    Product Description

    Mary's Secret and Mysterious Role in History

    Mary is the most famous, the most loved and revered woman who ever lived. She is the greatest and holiest of all the saints. We all acknowledge the life-giving importance of her "yes" to God's plan, which caused God's Son to take flesh in her womb.

    But few appreciate the role she has played throughout the course of history. Here for the first time in one volume, award-winning journalist Michael H. Brown tells the story of Mary's apparitions, her miraculous interventions, and her secrets since the first century.

    In the past, says Michael Brown, when humanity has struggled with the forces of evil and has endured severe troubles, Mary was there with us, bringing aid and wisdom. Now as we face a new millennium, we need to reflect on what she has done and what she has said.

    Mary's "last secret" is personal for each of us, and as the author presents it, he unveils her purpose in our lives today.