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The Trumpet of Gabriel
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    The Trumpet of Gabriel

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    Author: Brown, Michael

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    ISBN: 188003316X

    Number of Pages: 320

    Product Description

    In Nepal, a large cross-shaped cloud is reported by a Methodist evangelist. It then changes from a cloud into a fire and suddenly an image of the Lord supposedly appears on a flaming cross.

    From the former U.S.S.R come reports of supernatural lights-heavenly luminosity-seen by thousands.

    In Africa, Jesus reportedly appears in dreams to dozens of non-Christian villagers. From all parts of the world, especially the West, come an avalanche of angel sightings. They appear as spirits of light, fleet and airy, or as spirit helpers in the flesh-mysterious strangers. Some arrive with swords, others with soft-spoken advice. They too have a message; indeed, the word "angel" means "messenger." The message is that society must reform itself or face the consequences.

    Throughout recorded history men and women have received visions and prophecies, including predictions of chastisement, the Anti-Christ, and the Second Coming. While many such prophecies have yet to materialize, they have served to indicate spiritual agitation and coming changes. They came as the early Church was forming. They came centuries later when Rome was under siege. They accompanied the Black Death in Europe and social uprisings in the middle ages. And, they are coming now, in our own day.

    Once more Heaven is opening. We are witnessing a major supernatural intervention. And whether we heed the warnings may well determine what the future holds for our children and us.

    This book is for people of all faiths & denominations. A factual account of the second half of this century-an era of evil, & impending change.