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On Our Way to Paradise
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    On Our Way to Paradise

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    Author: Meaney, Anne Sophie

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    ISBN: 634479736223

    Product Description

    Available on 3 CD's On Our Way to Paradise
    Sister Anne Sophie Phillippe Meaney
    A Spritual Journey for the suffering, dying and daily preparation for Eternity Audio CD's are a great comfort to the blind, the sick, the handicapped, those who are injured and recovering, or for people who are just on the go.

    CD 1 Includes: Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Joyful Mysteries, & Litany of St. Joseph. 77 Minutes.
    CD 2 Includes: Litanies of Fear & Saints, Mysteries of Light & Sorrowful Mysteries. 77 Minutes.
    CD 3 Includes: Litany of the Blessed Mother, St. Theresa Novena, Glorious Mysteries, Fr. John & Fr. Glen's Words of comfort, Fr. Faur's Consolation & Blessing. 65 Minutes.