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Stations of the Cross
    Close Stations of the Cross

    Stations of the Cross

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    Author: San Giovanni, Rosalie

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    • Pilate condemns Jesus to die
    • Jesus accepts and carries His Cross
    • Jesus falls under the Cross the first time
    • Jesus meets His Blessed Mother
    • Simone of Cyrene helps Jesus carry His Cross
    • Veronica wipes the face of Jesus
    • Jesus falls the second time
    • Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem
    • Jesus falls the third time
    • Jesus is stripped of His clothing
    • Jesus is nailed to the Cross
    • Jesus dies on the Cross
    • Jesus taken from the Cross, placed in Mary's arms
    • Jesus is laid in the tomb

    Heavenly Father, the immensity of
    Your Love for Your children willed
    Your Son Jesus to sacrifice Himself on the
    Cross for our redemption
    My Jesus, Your immense love for You
    Father desired always to do His Will,
    that we might be redeemed,
    and He be glorified as He desired
    and deserved to be glorified.
    You are a perfect example, my Jesus, and
    You desire that we follow in Your
    Footsteps. Implant in us a desire to always
    Live in the Divine Will, so that all of
    Our acts make reparation for sin and
    Give glory to the Father.
    Holy Spirit, Help us die to ourselves that
    We might live in Jesus, so our every
    Thought, word and action may merit
    Redemption to eternal life.

    Mary, our Mother, bring us often to the Hill of Calvary. Teach us to live in your silence, without complaint... abandoned to the Divine Will, hopeful and serene in all situations