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    Catholic Novels... New!

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    The Lucifer Covenant
    By Phillip Jackson / R. A. Varghese

    This is a theological thriller, it exposes doctrinal depths of Christian revelation to unveil the hidden connections between everyday events and eternal truths.

    "The book was so engrossing, that I read it all in one sitting.  Even though it is written as a novel in a modern setting, to me it seemed real and true.  
    I have been to and given progrms on healing and deliverance in perhaps all the cities and countries mentioned in the novel." 
    Fr. Rufus - Co-Founder International Association of Exorcists -  and has performed over 10,000 exorcisms.

    "One of the most urgent needs of our times is the evangelization of the contemporary imagination - an imagination all too often formed by forces profoundly hostile to the Christian faith.  In its own quiet way this work of fantasy literature seeks to provide a corrective to this problem..."  Fr. Ian Boyd, Founder/Director of ther Chesterton Institute.             #3190. $12.95

    Anno Antichristi
    By Robert Joseph Payesko

    From the very beginning, The Apostles, the Fathers and the Saints warned of the comming reign of the Man of Sin, the Son of Lucifer.  And in every generation of the Christian era, Mary, the Mother of God, has appeared to her children warning them that the ways of wickedness would lead ultimately to terrible self inflicted chastisements.
    This fictional story takes place not too far off in the future where the human race seems to be possessed by evil.   #3575. $9.95

    After The darkness
    By Rev. Joseph M. Esper

    A novel of the comming Antichrist and the end of the world.  It is chilling and fascinating about the apocalypse and the last days.
    Rev. Esper weaves actual prophecies, visions, and predictions from over 100 diferent mystics and visionaries into a story that will keep you at the edge of your seat page after page.

    This book is not an attempt to predict the future.  Rather, it seeks to present a possible scenario for the future, using predictions already made by various saints and mystics throughout the Church's rich history.   #3721. $14.95