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Unabridged Christianity w/ Booklet
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    Unabridged Christianity
    By: Fr. Mario Romero
    This book is an attempt by Fr. Romero to share some of the scriptural and historical "evidence" that the contemporary Roman Catholic Church and the Apostolic Church founded by Jesus Christ circa 30 A. D. are one and the same. Using some of the commonly-heard misconceptions about the Catholic Faith as points of departure, Fr. Romero examines various key passages from Scripture, looks at historical documentation found in secular sources and, at the end of each chapter, presents quotes from the writings of the first generations of Christians to show that modern-day Catholic beliefs and practices have solid precedence in the beliefs and practices of the early Church. Reg $18.95

    Catholic Pocket Evangelist
    By: Fr. Mario Romero
    This booklet has been designed to be used with Unabridged Christianity or as a stand alone reference guide. This handy guide is pocket-sized so you can keep it with you at all times. Inside are scriptural references to the nuts and bolts of the Catholic faith. Topics like confession, celibacy, purgatory, Mary, all-male priesthood, etc. and their scriptural counterparts are listed. Reg. $4.95

    Nihil Obstat & Imprimatur