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Mary Bundle... New!
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    Mary Bundle... New!

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    The Truth About Mary: A Summary of The Trilogy

    Author, Robert Payesko gives an in depth scriptural introduction to the Mother of Jesus for 'Bible - Believing' Christians.

    A comprehensive study of the scriptural and theological roots of Marian doctrine and devotion.

    ".....common sense explanations for all Christians."  -Dr. Mark Miravalle 

    A Scientist Researches Mary

    Author, Dr. Courtney Bartholomew compiles a prayerful and thorough research on Mary titled "Mother of All Nations."

    This book covers Creation and the Fall of the Angels to the New Testament beginning with Mary's first fiat and suffering.
    Four Marian dogmas are covered as well as many apparitions from our Lady of Guadalupe through Amsterdam and Akita.