The Charism of Tongues
The Charism of Tongues: A Gift of Prayer and Edification
Author: Fr. Michael Sears
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According to Saint Paul, the only authentic sign of the true Christian is the enduring, living experience of Faith, Hope and Love. They are the universal gifts of God to every follower of Jesus, His Son. They are the only gifts that endure forever, and the greatest of them is Love. (1 Cor. 13-13).
At the same time, God sends many other virtues and gifts into our lives, gifts for living the Christian life, gifts for building the Christian community, gifts for advancing the reign of God. Among theses gifts are the charisms, and among charisms, the gifts of tongues continues to command the greatest attention while remaining the focus of the greatest controversy.
In this work, Father Michael Sears moves the reader beyond the realm of controversy and focuses attention on the charism of tongues as a gift that both inspires personal prayer and truly builds up (edifies) the people of God - a gift of prayer and edification.
As Saint Paul proclaims the gift of tongues is not the sign of a true Christian; it is one charism among many. Nonetheless, it is a most desirable gift. For those who have been given this unique charism, this book will help them cultivate it with better understanding, treasure it with greater love, and use it with greater care. For those whose charisms lie elsewhere, this book will help them understand the true nature of all charisms and find and treasure the ones they have received.
Love alone allows is to understand, treasure, and cultivate the charisms we have received. In the end, however, all other gifts will fade away and only three will remain - Faith, Hope and Love.

Most reverend Edward W. Clark, S.T.D., S.T.L., D.D.
Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles