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Straight from My Heart
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    Straight from My Heart

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    Author: Devlin, Patricia

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    ISBN: 1579184065

    Product Description

    In Straight from My Heart, Patricia Devlin pours our her heart through stories, poems and thoughts moving us to deep soul-searching for truth. You will find her poems penetrating, as most of them were written while she was in extreme pain and suffering. She shares with is her many blessings and her deep faith as God is her strength and protector.
    Patricia reveals her very intimate feelings through her encounters as a blind person where she sees the world through interior eyes. God has blessed her with a deep sense of vision, experienced in her soul. Deeply compassionate, she is a pro-life patient advocate for the defenseless, those who society would cast away. Patricia is also the author of The Light of Love, My Angel Shall Go Before Thee. Straight from My Heart is one of those books that remain with you, even days after you've read it. Ms. Devlin will take you on a heart-wrenching ride as she describes the unrelenting suffering she experienced through her life of disability. It would be difficult not to be moved by her undying faith, in spite of her lifelong anguish.
    straight from My Heart does not mince words and in author's candor, she reveals the uniquely special way in which God blessed us with His endless graces during very trying times of emotional and physical suffering. Most memorable however, were Ms. Devlin's poignant recollections of my sister, Terri's situation, reminding every one of us that despite the moral relativism of our time, there remains only one absolute reality.
    What you cannot avoid after reading this book is the realization that we must never stop confronting today's evil by always speaking God's truth with compassion and love.

    Bobby Schindler
    Co-Director, Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network