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Pressing on in the Spirit
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    Pressing on in the Spirit

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    Author: Vadia, Maria

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    ISBN: 157918264X

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    Scriptural based book, The Spirit of one's soul awaits its creator, the Lord has given you His Word, if He has placed a dream or vision in you heart, it will surely come to pass. You know you're alive for the purpose! Stand on the solid rock of His Word as He uses you to bring fourth His Purpose. Your Muscle of faith will be strengthened and stretched as you wait on Him. There are battles to be fought, fears to be dealt with, cleansings, healings, heartache and headaches to go through. Count it as a joy! (James 1:2-4). In the pages of this book you will find all the keys you need to a more fruitful life in Christ. This book will help you bring the scriptures alive in your life and press on in the Spirit.