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Miracles from God and Challenges of the World
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    Miracles from God and Challenges of the World

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    Author: Gamel, Robert

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    ISBN: 1579183999

    Product Description

    The transfiguration reflects the two themes of this book: The miraculous experience that come from God and the challenges that come from the world that shake our life.
    The front cover is a painting of the Transfiguration by Raphael which depicts what is happening on the top of the mountain as well as what is happening at the foot of the mountain. At the top, the three chosen apostles are experiencing this incredible miraculous event of the transfiguration of Jesus, the appearance of Moses and Elijah, and the voice of the Father speaking to them. Whereas, the apostles left at the foot of the mountain are experiencing the challenges coming to them from the people who bring a boy to be healed.
    This painting shows the contrast in the life of a faithful Christian. Sometimes, we experience the bliss of being with the Lord and these are truly blessed moments. Other times we experience the difficulties that come at us from the world that truly challenge us and sometimes shake our faith.

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