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Letters to the Church
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    Letters to the Church

    Catholic History & the Revelation of John

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    Author: Olaguer, Eduardo

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    ISBN: 9781579182755

    Number of Pages: 232

    Product Description

    The most important decision we make in this world is whether or not to accept God's gift of salvation in Jesus Christ. If we accept Christ as our Shepherd, we join the Church He instituted, live as He Teaches, and as a consequence live for all eternity with him.

    Letters to the Churches demonstrates that the Catholic Churches and it alone, is a divine institution living in light of heaven as revealed through the Bible. The Church's entire history as the new Israel on pilgrimage to the heavenly Jerusalem is supernaturally mirrored in the Revelation to John, also called The Apocalypse. St. John's mysterious book shows that the Church is itself a living letter to mankind revealing the path to salvation.

    The Catholic Church is the Bride of Christ. She exists to prepare is, her spiritual children, for heaven. The Choice to accept or reject the Church is as important as the choice to reject Christ or accept Him.

    "The Revelation to John" is an interpretation based on the prophetic insights of Venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser, a seventeenth century priest and mystic. In Holzhauser's scheme, St. John's mysterious book describes the evolution of the Church in seven stages from the Ascension of Jesus Christ to His Second Coming. Dr. Olaguer uses this scheme to describe the progressive unveiling (apocalypse) of the Catholic Church as the Bride of Christ.

    Review By: Joseph Iannuzzi, - January 1, 2005 "Dr. Olaguer provides Catholics with a compelling interpretative key for the Seven Churches of the Book of Revelation. "Letters to the Churches" is a spiritually balanced and concise narrative of the two thousand years of Christianity that beautifully blends history with eschatology. I recommend this book. "

    Review By: Joseph Esper, - January 1, 2005 "Letters to the Churches" is a new and valuable resource...Dr. Olaguer provides a timely and enlightening interpretation of Revelation, helping to situate its ageless message within the flow of Catholic history and relating it to the unique circumstances and challenges confronting the Church today."