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Healing The Haunted
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    Healing The Haunted

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    Author: McAll, Kenneth

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    ISBN: 1882972708

    Number of Pages: 96

    Product Description

    This fascinating book is a collection of case studies from Dr. McAll's work on Ancestral Healing. Follow Dr. McCall into his patient's lives as he identifies the ancestor who is doing the haunting and treats them as a soul in need of help and release.

    Back Cover:
    Healing the Haunted is different from anything you have ever read before about Ghosts.

    Dr. McCall's medical and religious experiences have led him to make sensational new discoveries. He believes many Ghosts, or Haunted souls, are our tormented ancestors. By drawing up a Family Tree he can identify the Ghosts responsible for haunting. By holding a religious service he can liberate these Ghosts from their tormented state and stop them frightening people and haunting places.
    The settings for his true-life Ghost stories are many and varied: rural Norfolk: a large UK military base; the South East coast; Cornwall; English Cathedral towns; the Channel Islands; Northern Ireland; the "Bermuda Triangle"; Chicago; California; Texas; Australia; India-even Peking.

    Whatever your personal views about Ghosts, you will be fascinated by Healing the Haunted.