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Healing Power Of A Father's Blessing
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    Healing Power Of A Father's Blessing

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    Author: Schubert, Linda

    Order Number: 7025

    ISBN: 096326432X

    Number of Pages: 64

    Product Description

    The Holy Spirit inspired this book to reach into the emptiness in many of our lives and fill it with Himself. This is a healing message to remind us that God, through Jesus, redeemed us from sin, failure and ugliness. God became man, making it possible for our potential to be realized and for us to be loved into wholeness. He says to us, as He said during the baptism of Jesus. "You are My child whom I love; with you I am well pleased." We are invited to say, "Yes, Lord," and let those words enter our soul, into areas that have not received or responds to the kind of love. As you pray through the Father Blessing, alone or with another praying it for you, accept the message from the heart of your loving Heavenly Father, whose power is greater than any power that holds you down; whose love is greater then your fear; whose resources are greater than you need. Receive it from you loving Father, through Jesus, by the action of the Holy Spirit who pours the love of god into our hearts.