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Being Virtuous in a Non-Virtuous World
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    Being Virtuous in a Non-Virtuous World

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    Author: McCarthy, Bill

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    ISBN: 1579183514

    Product Description

    "The times are never so gad that a good man can't live in them," St. Thomas More. This great saint offers is assurance that no matter how seductive culture temptations may be, a person can still lead a virtuous life.
    Co-authored by Fr. Bill McCarthy and Dr. Donald DeMarco, Being Virtuous in a Non-Virtuous World, provides the reader with a multifaceted strategy for developing and leading a virtuous life. This strategy enlists the power of prayer, the blessing of the Bible, the healing power of Jesus Christ, the value of virtue of virtue, the utility of knowledge and the benefits of marriage and the family.
    Keenly aware of the many moral problems that beset our trouble times, the authors are confident that the virtue needed to lead a good life is both attainable and maintainable. You will find the inspiration you need in the pages of the book to find safe passage through the present storm.