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An Overview of the New Age Movement
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    An Overview of the New Age Movement

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    Author: Queenship,

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    ISBN: 1-877678-34-4

    Number of Pages: 72

    Product Description

    There are hundreds of books promoting various aspects of the New Age Movement and just as many workshops, seminars, and cassette tapes. There are also dozens of books, which expose it. It all comprises a mammoth reading list and months of research, even then it is still enough to make one's head spin.

    This book is not intended to be an exhaustive study of the NAM (New Age Movement). One the contrary, it is designed as a mere overview of the history and background of this movement and where it is today. It is hoped that what is presented in theses pages will help the reader acquire a little better understanding of this immense and confusing system of believe and of the danger it brings with it. The danger is the loss of your soul

    There is really nothing new about the NAM. It can be traced back to the earliest days of mankind. It now simply comes in more attractive packaging and in glowing-even intoxicating-promises. In America, where our love affair with the "quick fix" for everything is a way of live, this movement is the "in" thing.