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A Catholic Compendium of Inner Healing
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    A Catholic Compendium of Inner Healing

    2nd Edition Expanded

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    Author: McCarthy, Bill

    Order Number: 3108

    ISBN: 1579182844

    Product Description

    The greatest of the Commandments is to love God and to love our neighbor. What better way than to give our time to pray with our broken fellow Christians? Here at last is a reliable instruction manual on the proper approach to Inner Healing. Fr. McCarthy is clearly presenting the fruits of years of accumulated experience. This book offers a trustworthy source for those who are inspired to become Good Samaritans for the Kingdom of God. Now instead of groping in the dark or flying blind, a prayer warrior can quickly benefit from the guidelines so clearly presented in this book. Any Christian can follow the suggested guidelines and pray effectively over another person. Containing over 30 chapters it covers a multitude of topics, everything from healing of depression, worry, anxiety, fear, loneliness, pride, anger, and unforgiveness to the healing from rejection, abuse, homosexuality, cults, alcoholism and painful memories. Fr. McCarthy presents the background, root cause, counseling strategies, scripture, and prayer as well as additional resource information. This is a valuable tool for Christian counselors, priests, prayer warriors and all those seeking to be freed of the problems that block our loving relationship with Jesus. This work contains a wealth of spiritual wisdom, Christian teaching, and Biblical-based psychological insights.