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A Scriptural Catechism
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    A Scriptural Catechism

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    Author: Burke, Herbert

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    ISBN: 1579182682

    Number of Pages: 80

    Product Description

    A Scriptural Catechism
    by Fr. Herbert Burke

    A helpful resource for R.C.I.A. and C.C.D. or Faith Formation Programs. Fully indexed to the "Catechism of the Catholic Church".

    Nihil Obstat:
    Rev. Isidore Dixon, S.T.D.
    Censor Deputatus

    Most Rev. William E. Lori, S.T.D.
    Vicar General for the Archdiocese of Washington

    May 3, 1995

    The nihil obstat and imprimatur are official declarations that a book or pamphlet is free of doctrinal or moral error. No implication is contained therein that those who have granted the nihil obstat and the imprimatur agree with the content, opinions or statements expressed.

    Scripture Quotations from Revised Standard Version of the Bible, Copyright 1946, 1952, 1957, 1971 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA. Used by Permission. Note: This is the same translation used in The Catechism of the Catholic Church. Scripture quotes are also taken from an adapted translation based on Douay-Rheims Version.

    This book is a helpful resource for R.C.I.A., C.C.D., or Faith Formation Programs.

    Table of Contents:
    Part I The Creed - Pages 1 to 22
    Part II The Seven Sacraments - Pages 23 to 27
    Part III The Commandments - Pages 29 to 36
    Part IV Prayer - Pages 39 to 51
    Appendix - Pages 55 to 80
    < BR> An excerpt from A Scriptural Catechism:
    Part I The Creed - Page 3

    Why does God allow evil?

    1. To test us (Job.1, 2, 38-42, 1Pt.4:12-18)
    2. To preserve free will (Sir.15:14-17, Gal.6:7, 8)
    3. To draw good out of evil (Gen.50:20, Ezek.33:11)
    4. Through the great evil of the crucifixion He brought about the great good of redemption (Lk.24:26, Is.53:11, 12)
    5. To conquer evil (Rom.12:21)
    6. To give us a means to a great reward; "He who overcomes, I will permit him to sit with me upon my throne; as I also have overcome and have sat with my Father on his throne." (Rev3:21, Job.42:10,12)
    7. Why do we allow evil?