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Trial, Tribulation & Triumph
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    Trial, Tribulation & Triumph

    Before, During & After Antichrist

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    Author: Birch, Desmond

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    ISBN: 1882972732

    Number of Pages: 712

    Product Description

    As we head into a new millennium, there is much talk about the Antichrist, the Second Coming of Christ, the great Chastisement, and even the end of the world. Desmond Birch's encyclopedic Trial, Tribulation and Triumph sifts out the legitimate, credible prophecies from the false and widely scattered body of teachings.
    The author builds this case drawing heavily on sacred scripture and only those revelations and prophesies that have been approved by the Church.
    Birch also traveled to Rome to translate ancient writings passed down by the Fathers of the Church contained deep in the Vatican library. Theses prophecies offer a gripped account of how the Antichrist will come to power, and how he will be ultimately defeated.
    Recommended by Bishops, Priests, and Theologians alike, Desmond Birch has created nothing short of a masterpiece. Every quotation is documented and every fact thoroughly researched and footnoted. Twenty-three years in the making, Trial, Tribulation and Triumph will soon become the authority on how we view the "End Times." If you're curious about the sequence of events that will surround the end of the world, read this book.