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    This documentary reports recordings on Therese Neumann of Konnersreuth in Upper Palatinate on the basis of recordings, letters, official documents, and reminiscences of contemporary witnesses as well as through the assistance of her brother Ferdinand. She was born on April 8, 1898, and died on September 18, 1962. What distinguished Therese Neumann among many other things were the wound marks of the suffering Christ (stigmata), frequent visions, and the fact that she was sustained for decades solely by receiving Holy Communion.

    This DVD brings to you the life of the greatest Mystics of our time. Mysticism is a religious phenomenon, based on an interlude with God. It is an experience, a transcendental recognition of the Divine, of this Union with God; it is the state of removal form worldly being, a break-through into the realm of infinite existence.
    Therese Neumann was an intrinsically Catholic mystic. Apart from her direct union with God, she had all the visible, accepted, outward sings of mysticism: stigmata, visions and locutions, reading of hearts, sweating of tears of blood, hierognosis, bilocation, levitation inedia, mystical aureoles, absence of rigor mortis and the gift of tongues. Therese Neumann, more then any other known mystic united and held all these phenomena in her person.

    Total running time: 50 minutes