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Prof. Courtenay Bartholomew Bundle
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    Prof. Courtenay Bartholomew Bundle

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    Author: Bartholomew, Courtenay

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    Product Description

    From well-known Marian author and research professor, Prof. Courtenay Bartholomew, introduces his latest title " The End of This Era." From the forward:

    There are those who believe that we are in these "end time" (not the end of the world by the end of an era). Unfortunately, there have also been many who have been crying wolf over the centuries and so, when the wolf truly appears at the door, millions will probably be unprepared and will be eating and drinking, and taking wives and husbands. Of course, it is human not to believe that a punishment like that of the great flood may occur during our lifetime. But it is prophesied that it will happen during someone's lifetime, and therefore why not ours? That is the reality. This world seems to have lost its way, having forgotten that He who claimed to be the Son of God the Creator. 102 pp Reg $ 9.95

    "The Passion of the Christ and His Mother" is perhaps the most detailed, inspiring, and moving account of the Passion you will ever read. The author expands on the film and reproduces the unspeakable anguish of Our Lord during the last 20 hours (the movie covers the last 12 hours) of His life.

    Based on revelations from the Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich and others, the book provides further insight and detail such as:

    - A full account of the Last Supper
    - A detailed description of the agony of Mary
    - The medical aspects of the Crucifixion
    - The history of the Shroud of Turin
    - A theological explanation of the why the Passion was necessary
    - And much more

    Both Mel Gibson's film & Prof. Bartholomew's companion book are sure to spark controversy and debate but above all fuel the fires of faith for years to come. Reg. $8.95