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O God of Loveliness
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    O God of Loveliness

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    Author: Phillips, David

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    The angelic voices of Seraphim are those of Christa, Lisa, and Theresa, three of the nine member Hanson Family Singers. Throughout their lives these young ladies have joined their family in church choirs, concerts, musical productions and Christmas caroling. Much to their audiences' delight, they have recently added a fun touch of barbershop and yodeling to their repertoire. When asked about their singing, the girls reply, "Dad sang bedtime songs to us every night and we learned to harmonize by the age of three." From these special times sprang a great love for music and a desire to share their talents with the world for the greater glory of God. "We pray that these very special hymns of the Church will be a blessing to all who listen"
    Let the music sound for our God. Let is sound (Psalm 47).

    1. Ave Maria (bach-Grounod)
    2. 'Tis the Month of Our Mother
    3. Veni, Jesus, Amor Mi (Cherubini)
    4. Holy God, We Praise Thy Name
    5. Panis Angelicus
    6. Ave Verum (Mozart)
    7. Mother Dearest, Mother Fairest
    8. To Jesus' Heart All Burning
    9. Come Holy Ghost
    10. Regina Coeli
    11. Bring Flowers of the Rarest
    12. O God of Loveliness