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Mother Of Love & Mercy
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    Mother Of Love & Mercy

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    Mother of Love and Mercy
    Most Holy Mother, Holy Mother, Spirit of Light, Queen of heaven and earth, strength from above, Intercessor of love for Her children she calls to Jesus.
    She is light, she is intercessor.
    She teaches us how to pray to God, to Her Son, Jesus and Spouse the Holy Spirit. She is filled with love for her wayward ones, ones far away, rebellious and those who displease her Son. She gathers souls in her mantle as roses to give to her Son Jesus. That is the joy of her heart.
    She is Mother of love and mercy. Oh Mary, our Mother loved by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, gift to the world. Pray for me that I may always be faithful remain close to your hearts and follow the will of the Father.
    I especially ask for your continual love and mercy for all those I mention now____ who still are deaf to your call and are distant from your Son Jesus, which they may return and be as roses to fill your mantle.