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Just You & Jesus-A Book for Youth
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    Just You & Jesus-A Book for Youth

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    Author: Queenship,

    Order Number: 7707

    ISBN: 1-57918-141-4

    Product Description

    This book is written for the most important generation in the world…you and others from twelve to seven teen years of age. It is a book composed of meditations, which are presented as the real-life issues and questions important to your life, and to the youth of the world.
    There are a lot of questions included in the meditations. Some are answered. Not all. Some seek answers from you. And some include a possible response that Jesus might provide. Many finish with an actual prayer, a prayer for you to offer to the Lord seeking His blessing and guidance regarding that topic. Some ask for you to actually create the prayer.
    It is a plain language book of prayers and meditation, which address some of the more vital issues of today. It requests a response from you the reader, not just your reciting words. It is a dialogue between you and Jesus.