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Jesus, Crowned with Thorns
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    Jesus, Crowned with Thorns

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    Jesus, King crowned with piercing thorn

    We has all gone away like sheep, each following his own way; But the Lord laid upon him the guilt of us all. Though he was harshly treated, he submitted and opened not his mouth; Like a lamb led to the slaughter or a sheep before the Shearer's, he was silent and opened not his mouth. Isaiah 53:6-7

    My loving savior, how have you offended that such a hate in man on you descended? It was my guilt brought all these things upon you, Through all my sins this injustice was done to you. Lord Jesus, it was I that did deny you and crucify you. Mankind is guilty, but the son has suffered. For man's atonement, God interceded.

    Through you passion you gave grace to the world, help us to live always by Spirit, given to us at baptism. Help us to bear witness to you and guide our minds to you truth. By your passion help us to deny ourselves and make us worthy to share in you resurrection.

    We shall adore you, and shall ever praise you.