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Holy Boldness & How Can I Get to Heaven? Price Bundle
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    Holy Boldness & How Can I Get to Heaven? Price Bundle

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    Author: Spaulding, Jack

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    ISBN: 3383 & 3673

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    Holy Boldness: The Spiritality of a Dioesan Priest
    By: Fr. Jack Spaulding
    Fr. Spaulding, a parish priest for over 30 years and author of numerous books, offers direction on the importance of spirituality for his fellow diocesan priests. He believes that "Holy Boldness" is a gift given to priests at the time of ordination and is a discipline that must be practiced consciously and continually. Covers devotion to the Sacred Scriptures, Mary and the Saints, the importance of Reconciliation, belonging and support, and much more.
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    How Can I Get to Heaven?
    By: Robert A Sungenis
    Today, and in past centuries, thousands of people have struggled with that sometimes-puzzling question. Unfortunately, there are often as many answers as there are people and churches in the world. But this book, which is the condensed version of the best-selling Not By Faith Alone: The Biblical Evidence for the Catholic Doctrine of Justification, will clear away the confusion and give you an understanding that you always knew possible but just needed the proper guidance to bring out. It is written especially for you: the beginner, the student, the housewife, the young adult, the non-scholarly layman. As with most things that are godly and true, the answer is really very simple. And if your mind and heart are open, this book will not only show you the way to heaven but it will also give you a new outlook on life on earth. After reading it, you will know what God expects of you and what will lead you to his heavenly mansion. Imprimatur.
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