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Fr. O'Connor Bundle Revised
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    Fr. O'Connor Bundle Revised

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    I Am Sending You Prophets

    Fr. O'Connor investigates the role of apparitions, visions and locutions in the history of the church beginning with Jesus and the apostles.

    "God reserves for Himself the right to intervene directly in the Church... to awaken it, warn it, promote it and sanctify it."  - Cardinal Ratzinger.    #3393.  $14.95

    God's Word To His People Today

    Did you know there are unique blessings coming to us throughout today's prophetic voices?
    All over the world, in the days in which we are living, there are many apparitions occurring.  Fr. O'Connor identifies the hope in these messages that our loving God gives us.   #3395. $9.95

    The Voice of Prophecy Today

    It can be confusing!  There is a middle ground.  Don't close the door without examining it.  Fr. O'Connor opens the door in this  '24 page - booklet' where he summarizes some of the main themes of prophecy today.  #3392. $1.95