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Inspirational Film Themes
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    Inspirational Film Themes

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    Author: Phillips, David

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    Some of the most beautiful film music ever composed has been written for films with religious themes. Composers such as Miklos Rozsa, Alfred Newman and Mario Nascimbene have created truly unforgettable moments in cinema with their music, that have inspired generations. Presented here are gentle versions of some of the finest religious film themes ever written.

    1. Theme from "King of Kings"
    2. Theme from "The Bible"
    3. Adoration of the Magi from "Ben-Hur"
    4. Theme from "Francis of Assisi"
    5. Virgin Mary theme from "King of Kings
    6. Theme from "Song of Bernadette"
    7. Theme from "Brother Sun, Sister Moon"
    8. Theme from "Sodom and Gomorrah"
    9. Star of Bethlehem from "Ben-Hur"
    10. Theme from "Quo Vadis"
    11. Theme from "The Robe"
    12. Theme from "The Greatest Story Ever Told"